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You Fell Over 17 Times Every Hour

You were born needing assistance but the potential for everything was self-contained.  At just the right time for you, the inspiration to learn how to walk arose.  Nobody made you; it was something you just had to do.  Every hour you were turned loose, you took over 2,300 steps and fell 17 times until you finally got it right.  You might have done this for anywhere between two weeks and two months before you were adequately adept.  Perhaps you simply became tired of crawling around on cold floors and looking up at everything but I believe it was much more than discontent.  It absolutely was an inner drive that couldn’t be ignored.   It would be awesome to satisfy some mysterious inner urge again.  We are all born with a necessary built-in personal reliance.  What happened?

Eventually, you were scooting all over the house by then with whatever style of crawling you personally had developed.  Then, one day you stood hanging on to the chair.  Wow.  What a serious change of perspective.  But sitting, crawling and standing were not sufficiently satisfying and you wondered what it was like to walk.  That was the beginning of a challenging part of your young life but you just couldn’t help it.

You were amazing!  Just think how awesome it would be if you could have that feeling of something completely new that satisfied some mysterious inner urge now.  (There’s the clue to where this article is headed.)

We are all born with a necessary built-in personal reliance.  When you think about it, we received very little help in our drive to walk, talk, and turn our wonder into becoming aware of the world.  When others tried to get involved with our natural growth, it interfered with our self-creating development.

Scientifically, it is proven that parents shouldn’t get involved with natural development. Babies know best.  Conclusive evidence demonstrates they never need help for the basics like sitting, standing, and walking.  Parental interference only confuses the natural process, and in many, many ways corrupts it.  For whatever the reasons parents are driven to give help, babies don’t need it at all.

Experts agree:  If infants are ready to do something, they will do it.  In fact, when they are ready they have to do it.

In my writing outline for this article, I had every intention of stopping the baby stuff here.  However, the more I indulge in the research, the more I can’t resist plucking gems that are harmonious with my intended subject.

  • Babies have a natural ability to find balance. They can judge what they can and cannot do better than any expert or parent.
  • Helping babies learn to walk makes them less aware, gives them a false sense of balance, and robs them of the inherent sense of their abilities.
  • Unnecessary parental interference creates an unhealthy dependence.
  • Babies need lots of practice moving freely to attain new skills. It is best to encourage that freedom and trust them to be inner-directed in their development.
  • During the entire period of learning new motor skills, babies change their postures on average at least once per minute. A parent who thinks they know best how to teach the child who then does not have the freedom to move freely in their own development is deprived of the foundation necessary to moving on to the next skill.
  • When a baby senses trust and is allowed to experience his appropriate, self-chosen challenges, its accomplishments nurture self-confidence.

This is enough baby information.  It is here only to serve as a convenient analogy in the development of my message.


The message is elementary.  As it was when you were an infant, you still have your inner method of self-delivery which produces the free development of growth and confirmation of your anonymous spirit.  Since the day you were born, you have been able to make your best life with your own arsenal.  Reliance on your proven self-creating approach can release your own answer for opening and accentuating the beauty of your life.  Outside interference limits your possibilities.

As an adult in a complex society, this approach requires a balanced life effort that includes safety and security while it lubricates your mind and actions toward previously unconceived possibilities.  It does not include running off to Tuscany and into a movie you saw 12 years ago while having the international savvy of an 8 year- old.

There are individuals of all ages with which there is nothing amiss but they have a feeling that won’t go away.  This feeling is not scars from a damaged life, but as if a body part has been misplaced.  There is vague sense that something needs to be done or something else should be our life; it doesn’t just feel like a dream.  Frustrated, we just want to bolt out of our obsequious life and into whatever the unfinished stage of life is secretly demanding.  As infants, it was easy.

It is impossible for me to identify your mysterious need; it took me half my life to slip into mine.  But in retrospective analysis, I have managed a degree of insight.

It is my experience that there are people who experience an un-defined need for expansion and an experience-oriented life and that suggests responsibility.  It’s not magically getting into your “inner self” and wondrously transforming.  This doesn’t repudiate the fact that many of us have authentic aspirations we can’t explain.  However, the deepest comprehension of knowing requires discernment not groundless conjecture.

We are complete and have been our entire life.   Those of us who have learned to unsnarl themselves and unlock the self-creating ability of infancy, live with a contented reminder of who we are and how we have always been naturally strong.

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