Welcome to “Come Va Lana”

You may feel I am writing this blog with someone like you in mind. I don’t even know how you got here but if you sense your life is indebted to an unknown future that doesn’t belong to you, I am writing this for you and something will click.

There are 28 million U.S. bloggers offering you their opinions, experiences, travel tips, recipes, etc.  I believe my offerings differ in that every thought I have in my writing filters through how useful the article will be as sustainable nutrition for your life.

I don’t know what any reader seeks. Therefore, I have chosen just to write authentically knowing there is very small but intense group of individuals who will sense an instant, congruous affinity.

For those who select blogs based on the writer’s Curriculum Vitae, I say, “Its mine, its good, but it’s not of real use to either of us.”  My good education and business success have nothing to do with the real course of my life.    I don’t identify with most of societies markers – education, career successes, status, notoriety, who I know – and I rarely think about these “emblems”.

My own personal mutiny was my real education.  Now, I know why I am free of the boundaries that once snarled and limited my life. I made the life I imagined for myself and, most importantly, have discovered how to help others.  Personally, I can’t believe how much my experience-oriented life continues to nourish me.

I want my readers to know my life simply clicked.  I did not set off to do something extraordinary but my life happened as you will read.   Resume of school, work, and hobbies– not required.  Joy of my experience –oriented life…. yes.

I’m a sailor, world traveler, entrepreneur, non-profit founder, wife, martial arts champion, wine – food -kayaking -rock climbing – hiking – scuba diving – gun shooting – horse galloping – jazz loving – music producing – 1953 XK-120 Jaguar-driving, lover of Life!  These are continually joined with further explorations into the fullness of life.  Why? Because my currency is time and wonder.  Can you have my life?  No.  But you can self-create your own wondrous life.  That is why I devote so much time to this writing this blog.

My writing is simply a manifestation of a life I made for myself.  Yes, I write about travel but it’s not so you wish you could be in the story.  I write a good story but my readers expect more and get it.  When they finish, they are closer to realizing that they can do more than simply wish.  Some will know they will be the story, regardless of how many reasons they have to deny it.

We will travel through experiences and adventures you may feel belong in your diary.  I want them in your diary.  Some of my articles may linger along with your need for more and transform imagination into your life.

If there is a recipe for you, it’s because I have written of my experience with a Sicilian grandmother who finally gave up her secret. A story about the small French island bungalow that is close to, but away from the craziness of Saint-Tropez is not lodging advice but intended to leave the reader with the emotion of a village as opposed to sightseeing.  And I want to inspire you to find your own bungalow!

I may write from a Trieste café, my Mediterranean home, or a swaying train to Milan. My style is joyous, informative, and free of the tethers of an ordinary life.  Whether it’s a Sicilian island grapevine flourishing in Mt. Etna’s black discharge or an Italian Café etiquette article, every effort will be made to take it beyond a vicarious read to raising the possibilities that you are not limited. That you can write your own story.

I write so my readers can just let go and ride the possibilities on solid ground. Whatever I write, I avoid instructions on how you should do it. There tens of thousands of bloggers that are happy to tell you how you should live your life to become successful if that’s what you prefer.  I write with an approach that enables you to see life above the limited ideas you had your entire life or that other people had for you.

My usefulness shouts out to the eager, potent individuals who, (1) Recognize I have created my own standard of happiness, joy, and wonder and want you to awaken to your own possibilities, (2) At least suspect I know of the lingering sense in the back of your mind.  My writing can help apt individuals acknowledge that it is acceptable and beneficial to sense an incompleteness in their life regardless of how good it may seem to others.

In my life, I have come to know Mark Twain was correct in stating, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.”

Follow along with me for a while through my writing and see if you find yourself on a path toward making the greatest experiences ordinary, the best day of your past years the worst, and a that a lifetime of your most supreme pleasures can be crowded into a single moment today.